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Random shots from last month’s Student Media Congress! Oh well, I’m definitely missing tumblr.

Coffee at work. How do we benefit from it?



Coffee will meet you in the morning. It will accompany you in the afternoon. It will help you think about life at night.

Here are some of the benefits that we can get from coffee:

1. Coffee teaches us to appreciate - Every morning, we either feel happy or wasted. When we make our own coffee, it teaches us that every ingredient in making a coffee has a sense. We can’t have a coffee without sugar for it tastes bitter like ampalaya. We can’t have a coffee without water. We can’t have a coffee without a cup. We can’t have a coffee if we’re not lucky. Yes, this sentimental drink teaches us to appreciate what we have in life, either what we have is the greatest or the biggest. We’re lucky enough, believe me.

2. Coffee motivates us in our work - Whether you’re attending a school or work, you’ll surely love coffee. It motivates us to do our work through making us feel awake, energize and fulfilled. It also motivates us to live our lives and love our tasks. Coffee builds passions. It strengthens the passion to genuinely love what we do.

3. Coffee builds relationship - The sense of trust and commitment to relationships started from coffee. Sometimes, all you need is to have a break with your family and friends through a cup of coffee. Again, this drink is too sentimental. It brings back old memories from high school and even our childhood days. See, we have something to laugh and smile about.


4. Coffee helps us to decide - When we feel stressed because of work or school, just have a cup of coffee. If we are really confused about the tasks given, we must not let our sanity gives up onto the challenge. Just relax and drink a coffee. You’ll surely go through the right direction if you really reflect on what is really important. 


This drink may sound old-fashioned but it teaches us to do our very best in work, maintain the relationship and appreciate the little things. Have a coffee with me?


Enter Sykes E-recruitment site - a portal that allows job seekers to apply for their desired jobs in the easiest, fastest way!

The employment arena is becoming more and more competitive but with Sykes, every job seeker can now be a few clicks closer to the career they’ve always wanted.

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Treat life like a ferris wheel ride, you must get past the fear to enjoy the view.

Life has been very busy lately. School, extracurricular, meetings and a bit of social life. I can say that i’m actually drain with all the exhaustion that college brings whether physically, mentally and emotionally. I just hope that everything will turn out according to His plan. 

This is indeed an obligatory post telling you that i’m still doing well in life. 

SWAP Bloc Party
June 7, 2014

Sometimes, it takes a good long walk to understand yourself. Or maybe, it really takes time to find yourself.

Ortigas Overnight

  • Papa’s Birthday Celebration
  • Tall Buildings 
  • Watched X-Men courtesy of NuffnangPH 
  • Random 7-Eleven visit at exactly 12AM
  • Real quick breakfast at Rufo’s
  • More food trips 
  • Appreciating the art of selfie (Jk)
  • Yup, bullet post